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Best Time to Drink Orange Juice

There is doubt that orange juice is one of the most popular drinks in the morning in almost every house in the world. It gives your body the necessary boost of nutrients that you need after a good night’s sleep. You can say that in the morning or breakfast is the best time to drink orange juice. 

Your breakfast is what revives your body after you have been sleeping for 8 to 9 hours in the night. It is when whatever you eat, your body completely utilizes and gives your body energy. Moreover, it breaks your eight hours fast while you were sleeping. That is why you must consume food that offers all the nutrients and energy that you will need to provide strength to your body.


Benefits of Orange Juice

When you are looking to fill the gaps of antioxidants in your body, then a glass of orange juice with the morning meal is a fantastic option to have in your hand. Antioxidants help to keep your body disease-free and give the body the necessary nutrients such as vitamin c. Moreover, a cup of orange juice in the morning will keep your body safe from UV rays, air pollutions, and environmental pollutants. However, that does not mean that you drink orange juice more than water. A cup of orange juice in the morning or at the end of the will help recover the Vitamin C deficit in your body for the whole day.  

Although orange juice is excellent for your health, it also has some disadvantages which we should know. As it is about our health and body, so we must know everything there is to it before putting it in our body. 

Side Effects of Orange Juice

Most of us buy packaged orange juice from the supermarket or a store. It says no added sugar or artificial sweetening material, but it is still in a package and old. When they package the juice at some point in the year, it was fresh then, but after that, those packets are sent to supermarkets around the country and stay on the shelves for days before you buy a container of orange juice. So when you buy a pack of orange juice from the market due to over-consume the liquid, it could be old although it has still not expired.

Moreover, when we squeeze an orange to make juice, it depletes many nutrients from the fruit. So, maybe it is freshly squeezed orange juice in your glass, but it is mostly water. Another thing is that when you buy orange juice from the market, the chances are that it has taste enhancers. It helps to get rid of the bitterness of the pulp of the orange. The taste enhancers get stuck on your teeth. Studies have also shown that your teeth get damaged quickly and permanently due to these taste enhancers in orange juice. 

When You Should Drink Orange Juice?

When you should drink orange juice or which is the best time to drink orange juice depends on you, your activity throughout the day, and how you spend your day. However, there is no guideline that you will have to drink it at this particular time, and it has to be exactly that amount. But, if you ask us, then we will say that there isn’t any other better way to start your day with a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning. 

Moreover, it is better to drink orange juice in the morning rather than in the middle of the day or night if you think for yourself. As you sleep through the night, your body uses that free time to utilize all the things you have in you and turn it into energy that your body also uses through the night. So, when you wake up in the morning, you will boost nutrients to get your body up and running. That is when a glass of orange juice will help you in the long run. A cup of juice in the morning will revive your body and give you energy, which you will need after a long sleep. 

diabetic drink orange juice

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When should a diabetic drink orange juice?

Those of you who have diabetes should avoid fruit juice with high GI. The GI in fruit juices is very harmful because you have a diabetic condition as it will raise the sugar level in your blood. So you should avoid it at any cost unless you want to increase the blood sugar level in the case of hypoglycemia quickly. It is a medical condition where your blood sugar level falls too much, and you need to raise it immediately to feel better. 

2. Is it right to drink orange juice at night?

Orange juice is very acidic, and some of them have taste enhancers, which makes it not suitable for a pre-time drink that you should have daily. However, you can fill up the Vitamin C sufficiency due to a hard day of work. But we recommend not to do it as it will give you reflux; moreover, orange juice is very sugary, which is not helpful when you are trying to fall asleep.

3. Can I drink orange juice on an empty stomach?

Early in the morning, your stomach is empty and ready for you to put something in there. If you drink a fresh glass of orange juice, it will not revitalize your body, but also the sugar in the juice will help your mind wake up quickly. However, it is too dangerous as it contains acid, which can cause heartburn, gastritis, and ulcer. So, it is better that you keep it after the morning meal.

4. What happens if you drink orange juice every day?

If you drink a glass of orange juice every day, it will help improve your health. It is proven that regular consumption of orange juice in the morning after your meal reduces kidney disease risk, improves heart health, decreases inflammation, and reduces the risk of kidney stones. However, orange juices are high in sugar, so you should consume them moderately.

5. Does orange juice make you fat?

As you know, orange juice is high in sugar, so it is a common question: will it make me fat? So to the answer is that it will and will not. Regularly, orange juice consumption will make you fat if you do to maintain your caloric intake in check. However, if you do regular exercise and measure your caloric intake in a day, it will make you healthier rather than fat.


Orange juice is fantastic, tasty, and also healthy. But excess consumption will cause health issues, and if you drink every moment of you will become fat due to the sugar in the juice. So you must find the best time to drink orange juice and your body. 

That is the primary idea on which our article is based upon. We tried to create a manual for you on the benefits of drinking orange juice and the best time for it.

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